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FRMS uses quality procedures which are operated to meet or exceed the requirements of ISO 17025.

Our test and inspection reports are documented in detailed, easy to read reports to meet our customer’s needs.

Customer satisfaction is the primary focus of our quality management system.

All tests are performed against the highest possible standards to ensure credibility and impartiality of test results.

Our customers know they can rely on us for quality service in a timely manner and for a reasonable price.

Failure Analysis

FRMS has extensive failure analysis capabilities covering metals, composites, coatings, and weldments ...

We serve a wide range of industries and also provide support for litigation and insurance claims. Metallurgical failure analysis is the process by which a metallurgist determines the mechanism that has caused a metal component to fail. Typical failure modes involve various types of corrosion and mechanical damage. Often a combination of both environmental conditions and stress will cause failure.

Our failure analysis test reports are documented with photographs of all critical evidence that supports the root cause conclusions.  FRMS performs failure analysis by systematically examining, testing and analyzing the failure, starting out by gathering information about the component, its application and history, followed by but not limited to:


  • Detailed visual examination
  • Non-destructive testing (magnetic particle test, dye penetrant test, low magnification, etc.)
  • High magnification examination
  • Destructive testing (such as: sectioning the sample for Metallographic micro analysis, Hardness testing, Chemical Analysis, Mechanical testing, etc.)
  • Scanning Electron Microscopy (SEM)
  • Energy Dispersive Spectroscopy (EDS)
  • Fractography
  • Metallurgical Evaluations