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FRMS uses quality procedures which are operated to meet or exceed the requirements of ISO 17025.

Our test and inspection reports are documented in detailed, easy to read reports to meet our customer’s needs.

Customer satisfaction is the primary focus of our quality management system.

All tests are performed against the highest possible standards to ensure credibility and impartiality of test results.

Our customers know they can rely on us for quality service in a timely manner and for a reasonable price.

Inspection Services

Our team of expert engineers and inspectors provide a full range of services including laboratory, field and vendor inspections. We provide the highest level of detailed inspections to ensure that our client’s valuable assets are built safely and to their specifications ...



Certified Welding Inspection (CWI)

FRMS has multiple well-trained professional AWS Certified Welding Inspectors and Engineers who all have in-depth experience with various codes. FRMS provides laboratory and field inspection services to clients nationwide.




Coating Inspection (NACE)

FRMS can provide any level NACE inspectors needed including SSPC C-3 Competent Persons in Lead Abatement to meet your project needs. FRMS provides independent coating consultations, third party inspections, vendor surveillance, coating system evaluation surveys, failure analysis, and specification writing and review. We also perform metallographic examinations and mechanical testing on thermal sprayed coatings.




Vessel and Piping Inspection (API)

FRMS provides API inspection services that ensure inspection, construction, and repair of client’s assets are in accordance with the applicable codes and standards.  Our API Inspection services include:

  • API 510 (Pressure Vessel)
  • API 570 (Piping)
  • API 653 (Tanks)




Third Party Auditing/Vender Surveillance

FRMS can provide third-party inspectors and/or consultants that work directly with owners, contractors, and manufacturers to perform quality assurance services that will ensure the quality of all materials, components, and systems utilized in construction or manufacturing processes.




Dimensional Inspection

Dimensional inspection verifies the accuracy of product features that can affect the functionality and reliability of the part. FRMS can perform first article inspections on machined products, parts, fasteners, and many other items to assure their compliance with design specifications.