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FRMS uses quality procedures which are operated to meet or exceed the requirements of ISO 17025.

Our test and inspection reports are documented in detailed, easy to read reports to meet our customer’s needs.

Customer satisfaction is the primary focus of our quality management system.

All tests are performed against the highest possible standards to ensure credibility and impartiality of test results.

Our customers know they can rely on us for quality service in a timely manner and for a reasonable price.

Weld Test Facility

Welcome to Faircloth & Roberts Metallurgical Services (FRMS) Weld Test Facility ...

FRMS weld test facility is a newly constructed facility located in Mobile, AL to serve the public and various companies throughout the welding industry. Our test facility has 15 welding booths that are equipped to test on the test on all welding processes. 

At FRMS, we have a machine shop and a mechanical testing lab located on site for immediate sample preparation and testing to help provide a quick turnaround in order to meet your scheduling needs. We also have heat treating furnaces so we can perform post-weld heat treatment onsite.



Procedure Qualification (PQR) and Welding Procedure Specification (WPS):

Specific codes and/or engineering societies are often the driving force behind the development of a company's WPS. A WPS is the formal written document describing welding procedures, which provides direction to the welder or welding operator for making sound and quality production welds as per the code requirements. The WPS is supported by a Procedure Qualification Record (PQR). A PQR is a record of a test weld performed and tested (more rigorously) to ensure that the procedure will produce a sound weld. FRMS can perform the welding and testing of PQR specimens in order to qualify and document the procedure and create a WPS that defines the necessary variables for the specified process.



Welder Performance Qualification

A WPQ is a test certificate that shows whether a welder possesses the necessary experience and knowledge to perform the specifications of a particular weld procedure.

FRMS has multiple Certified Welding Inspectors (CWI) and one Certified Welding Engineer on staff and is capable of testing and qualifying welders to meet the following applicable codes but not limited to ASME, ABS, API, AWS, DNV, and Navy Mil-Standards.

FRMS stocks both plate and pipe coupons prepared and ready for testing against various code requirements.




FRMS provides clear, concise, and accurate qualification records to their clients on time every time. We also provide documentation review services to ensure that your documentation follows the applicable codes and specifications

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